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Looking for a come up

Looking for a come up

Looking for a come upLooking for a come upLooking for a come up

Staggering up the hill is all we know how to do


About Us

Our Story

We bring out the creativity in each other and when we come together it is an unstoppable force. We each bring a unique experience to the table, making us versatile. 

We are Don't Matter Ty and J-Peezy.

Starting Out of Pokit

There's a lot of bullshit out there feeding people substandard quality commercialized entertainment.. Wanting to help the other succeed has propelled us onto the stage repping our values.

Your Music Goals

We want to reach people in a way that moves them. Enlightening and expanding your experience helping you to  actualize whatever your passion is. We want to share our passion and collaborate with artist that have the same fire.